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ART-TASTIC! FALL VIRTUAL EXHIBITION - Presented by “Women in the Arts Foundation, Inc. Curated by Michele Benjamin

Press Release:  Nov. 1, 2022:  ART-TASTIC! FALL VIRTUAL EXHIBITION - Presented by “Women in the Arts Foundation, Inc. 


Location: https://www.Facebook.com/womenintheartsfoundation

The following is a list of Women In The Arts Foundation, Inc. artist members who are also participants in the ART-TASTIC! Virtual Exhibition, starting November 1, 2022 - ongoing:

Deborah Beck, Kyra Belan, Elizabeth Benedict, Michele Benjamin, Erin Butler. Linda Butti, Hilda Green Demsky, Deborah Dorsey. Maria Formoso, Marilyn Herbst, Helen Levin, Muriel Magenta, Joan O’Brien, Jacqueline Sferra Rada, Barbara Schaefer, Marie Schepis. Helaine Soller, Tobey Soller, Judith Van Camp. Laura Waller and Cindy Walton.  

Women in the Arts Foundation works to overcome discrimination against women artists. 

Founded in 1971 by artists, writers and other art world professionals meeting in lower Manhattan during a time of great unrest and creative ferment, Women in the Arts quickly grew into a national organization. It incorporated in 1973 as Women in the Arts Foundation, Inc. (WIA). Throughout its history, WIA has proved to be adaptable and creative in its ongoing work to change outdated concepts and attitudes about women as professional artists. 

To learn more about WIAF, Inc. please visit our website at:https://www.wiaf.org 

Curator: Michele Benjamin,  https://www.michelebenjamin.com 

WIAF Coordinating Board:

Helaine Soller, Executive Coordinator; Judith Van Camp, Financial Coordinator; Marie Schepis, Membership Coordinator

Coordinators-at-Large: Deborah Beck, Michele Benjamin, Erin Butler, Marilyn Herbst, Tobey Soller

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Women in the Arts Foundation, Inc. is a 501 (3) not-for-profit corporation since 1973 (EIN: 23-7389740)

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