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About the Bees at the Whitney Museum

Michele Benjamin created the iconic "Bee" design inspired by the Bees that produce "Flora" honey on the rooftop of the Whitney Museum, New York. Available in the Whitney Museum Shop since 2015 and at Bruce Museum Store, Connecticut since 2021.  Benjamin's designs are worn by many of the museum staff, docents, volunteers, trustees, as well as celebrities, art aficionados, and influencers, including Hollywood celebrity Susan Sarandon, American politician and activist, AOC - Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, and Pulitzer Prize winning art critic Jerry Saltz

The Bee is representative of the Whitney family, a home for artists and art lovers, within an extended family intimacy and atmosphere at the museum itself; and the real hive located on the rooftop of the Whitney Museum that produces "Flora" honey, which "sweetens" the art world and our daily lives.


Michele Benjamin Jewelry Bee necklace as seen at Whitney Museum New York<a href="http://shop.whitney.org/catalogsearch/result/?q=michele" target="_blank" title="Michele Benjamin Jewelry available at Whitney Museum Shop " rel="noopener noreferrer"></a>Necklaces:  Sterling silver, 18K rose gold plated sterling silver.
"Bee" Necklaces available in Sterling silver, 18K Rose and Yellow Gold plated Sterling Silver.
Susan Sarandon Wearing Michele Benjamin "Bee" Necklace at
Thelma & Louise Reunion, Hollywood Reporter, 2021
Photo Credit: Amy Sussman, Getty Images.

Michele Benjamin Bee Lapel Pins available at Whitney Museum Shop, New York.

"Bee" Pins available at the Whitney Museum Shop, New York City  
Sterling silver, 18K Rose & Yellow Gold plated Sterling Silver.
AOC wearing the Sterling Silver Bee Pin by Michele Benjamin at Whitney Museum of American Art
AOC Alexandria Ocasio Cortez wearing the "Bee" Pin at Whitney Museum of American Art.

Jerry Saltz Wearing the Bee Pin by Michele Benjamin at the Whitney Museum
Jerry Saltz, Pulitzer Prize Winning Art Critic, The New Yorker
wearing the "Bee" Pin at Whitney Museum of American Art, New York. 


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