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IN LIVING COLOR, Pictor Gallery Affiliate Group Show

IN LIVING COLOR, Pictor Gallery Affiliate Group Show:

Color. Living, breathing color. No one seems to be immune to it and many of us may even be obsessed with it. Color is one of the first considerations an artist makes as they begin to create in their medium of choice, and it is often the first thing a viewer notices. During our newest exhibit, Pictor Gallery invites you to experience color through the eyes of twelve Affiliate Member artists, each with a unique approach. Spend time with us, and let us know how you respond to what you are seeing.

Michele Benjamin
Barbara Brocklebank
David Bundy
Elaine Chao
Melanie Futorian
Ralph Julius
Judith Luongo
Tracy Mistichelli
Scott Moy
Nancy Rosen
Fang Sullivan
Souren Teghrarian
June 21, 2022

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